Up your game with the Dex

Playing games on the mobile is always a challenge for me, I got this thing I like to call “Fat Finger Syndrome”. It means I press the wrong things, cast spells I did not mean to with long cooldowns and cast spells the completely wrong direction. This causes a lot of frustration and gamer rage. I recently tried the Samsung Dex and it felt like a revolution. It felt like Magic.

Gaming on the Samsung Dex


The best thing about the Dex is the very precise control it offers the player. The game I tried the Dex on was Vainglory. That game requires movement by tapping on your target or destination. Skills are cast by tapping on the icon and tapping at the target. All these are nigh impossible for a plebeian like me.  With the Dex, no more Fat Finger Syndrome! I get to click what I intended to and play to my (admittedly little) potential! I played quite a bit of League of Legends and a little of DotA 2. Playing Vainglory on the Dex feels a lot like playing these other games. This is because the game has hotkeys now. This is, in my opinion, the best thing the Dex has done for Vainglory as casting spells just feel so natural now. Playing with the Dex definitely upped my game and who knows, it might just up yours!


The biggest worry for me as a gamer is that the game does not separate those playing on the Dex and those that are not. This means that the players that play on the Dex will be playing with a completely different control scheme from those that play via touch. The fact that this new control scheme offers a much more precise experience might be a problem to some who cannot use it. This might even be a problem for those who can. As they climb with the Dex, they will settle into a new Matchmaking Rating where they will be challenged by players who are either much better than them but playing with touch or they will be playing against others who climbed up there with the Dex as well. Playing against these people without their mechanical crutch they would be handicapped.


A few Points of interest

Will it affect the mobile ESports scene?

While I was there, Amos from Team Impunity turned up and I managed to ask him a few questions. Amos really enjoyed playing Vainglory on the Dex. I asked him if he felt if it would affect the E-sports scene. He replied saying that no tournament supports the peripheral yet and thus, Team Impunity will still be practicing without the device.

Will it attract PC players to play mobile MOBAs?

While the Dex is great, I don’t think that it will cause PC players to take this game up as their main game. This is mainly because PC players will who would be interested in this type of game would already be playing a PC MOBAs. MOBAs on the PC have a lot of ways to hook you in to prevent you from playing another MOBAs in the same platform. They mainly use cosmetics like skins in League of Legends or items in DotA 2. Such things invest the player into the game and they will be more reluctant to move to other games. The only reason a player would play Vainglory if they already had a PC MOBAs is if they had the ability to play it when they cannot play their other game. (etc, on the MRT, toilet or work). The only people that would use the Dex for Vainglory are those that already play Vainglory on their mobile at home.

Will it cause player unhappiness?

I personally feel that unless they put a tag beside the IGN of the player that is using the Dex to make it transparent that he is indeed using one, No one would really realise that they would be fighting someone with a Dex. In fact, the only instance I can see people being upset about it is among friends. Say you know a guy is slightly worse than you and you prided yourself that you had a slightly higher rank than him. If he were to rock up to you one day and say he jumped one whole league and he did it on the Dex? The salt would be real. Especially if the Dex is beyond your price range.

Is this Pay2Win?

In a word? Yes. However, it might not be so bad as it does not affect the E-sports scene. Thus, it only affects the average player. That sounds horrible but with the way that matchmaking works, the one that got the Dex will eventually settle into a new MMR and no one would even know.

In conclusion

The Dex is a really cool device and playing Vainglory on it really felt like it’s the way it is meant to be played. No, it would not affect the ESports scene. Yes, it is Pay to Win but only to a certain extent. However, if I had to choose Vainglory on the Dex or mobile, I would definitely choose the former. (I need all the help I can get)