Saturday Suggestions: Teleglitch

After last week’s Suggestion, I had someone telling me that the game that I suggested had no relation to the movie IT. One was a horror movie and the other was a comedic turn-based dungeon crawler. One was scary and the other was not. That sounded like a completely reasonable comment and I decided that I had to rectify it this week. After taking a quick glance through my steam library, I found the perfect game:

Teleglitch: Die More Edition

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I played this game for 3 hours but I think that a horror enthusiast can get at least 4-5 hours of enjoyment out of this game.


The reason why Teleglitch was the perfect game in this instance was that it is a horror game as well. Its dark and it is claustrophobic. Resources are scarce and health recovery is extremely limited. Exploring is especially stressful as there is an abundance of enemies in the game with types such as zombies and mutants. These are very lowest type of enemies that you would face. The bigger ones can take multiple shots of the biggest gun to take down. Learning the map is impossible as they are all procedurally generated. While there are guaranteed rooms and items seeded, the rest is random.  I can say without shame that I had jumped out of my seat a few times while playing.

Another great thing about Teleglitch is the crafting mechanic. You are able to mash different materials that you find in the world together. One such example being the nailgun, it consists of a pistol, some hardware and a tube if memory serves me. It’s great for when you run out of pistol ammo and you have some nails handy. The ammunition for the nailgun is also crafted by sticking a bit of explosives onto nails. Teleglitch’s crafting mechanic is definitely nowhere as in-depth as one such as the Dungeons of Dredmor, but is serves its purpose nicely.

The thing that makes the game truly unsettling is the lore. The main problem of the game is in the name itself. There are scientists that managed to create a working prototype of a unlimited range teleporter and were just testing it when a glitch occurred. A glitch so bad that it drove all the beings that you meet insane. Not only that, it left gigantic patches of brain melting negative space everywhere and turned their own AI into a murderous mess. All this lore is told by terminals that you can find and its up to you to read it.


Teleglitch has simple graphics. Some may say that’s a good thing but I personally feel that the graphics in this game is abit too flat. The backgrounds don’t look too bad but the player and especially the enemy designs are hard to parse out. One example would be the Zombie enemy type. They are basically reanimated humans so they have the exact same sprite with slightly different colours from the player. This is normally a nonissue but when you walk next to a pipe that contains 20+ zombies it quickly becomes hard to tell. The mutant enemy type is another problem. It is quite hard to tell the difference between a weak mutant and a strong one due to the face that their (ugly) sprite looks so similar.

Teleglitch also has unforgiving difficulty. While I might praise that in some games (like Dark Souls), the difficulty in Teleglitch sometimes feel unfair. Some examples is when I walked by a couple of pipes and they were full of zombies and I evaporated instantly. I feel most of this “unfair” difficulty can be attributed to the fact that the levels are semi procedurally generated. What that means is that each play though will be different. However, no system is perfect. Sometimes the algorithm might mess up and such things happen.

How does this compare to one of the latest movies?

I have played Teleglitch for a total of 3 hours according to steam. This was because I am deaply unsettled by the horror. Thus with our Formula of Dollars/Hour(DpH). Teleglitch has a DpH of 4.3. In direct comparison, the movie will once again be IT. As we have already established, IT’s has a DpH of  5.7 DpH. As you can see, Teleglitch has a slightly better DpH than IT already. That’s already taking my easily scared nature into account. If you are good with horror or love piecing together a narrative from an interesting world, I would highly recommend Teleglitch!