Saturday Suggestions (SkullGirls)

So recently I went for the Gamestart Preview for the Singaporean games. I went there with our programmer Zack and we had a lovely discussion about fighting games. He was feeling the nostalgia of those old school arcade machines. After talking about those fighting games I had this hankering to play one of them. Good thing I dug around my library and I found:

Game: SkullGirls

Price on steam

Basic: 10.50

Complete Package (6 pieces of DLC): 25.50

I played this game for 9 hours. Most of it is in short bursts when I have a small bit of free time. The story mode is short and sweet so it fits nicely into a busy schedule. I would assume that a normal player would get about 6 hours on enjoyment out of it in a weekend.


SkullGirls is a beautiful game. The characters that you can play as are really interesting. The face of the game is Filla. She is a normal high school girl but with a parasite called Samson for her hair. There is a cat girl that was cut in multiple independent parts, a ninja nurse and even a Cyborg detective musician. Not only are the playable characters dripping with personality, the background characters in the stages are also well detailed and adds visual flair to the game. The game’s art is really cool as it completely hand drawn. Each and every frame of each and every character’s 60 Frames per second is drawn by hand. That is not only commendable, it has an effect where players can really feel the passion of the developers.

The bad things about most fighting games is the tutorial. Most other games you would have to study up the command list, you would have to practice against a bot by yourself. Sometimes you would even have to look up videos on the internet. In SkullGirls, they have added individual character tutorials with really in-depth basic tutorials. I feel that with these resources available to every player, even bad players can feel pro.

The music and the style of the game is also very compelling. It has a very old school aesthetic with the seventies style. There is a narrator and he seems to be a movie director. When you pause the game, he would say stuff like “Cut!” Or when you win he might go “Acceptable, I guess”. The music on the other hand is a really groovy jazz theme. While I’m not a music sort of guy, I feel like I can really appreciate it.


SkullGirls is a very tight fighting game but there are a few flaws to it. The main thing is the fact that it is not a new game, nor is it a very big game in the fighting community. What this means is that the online portion is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It has very few living beings in there but those that survive are the toughest and meanest customers around. From my personal experience, going online had one lobby. One! Going in resulted in me getting killed over and over again by players with many more hours in it as compared to me. Therefore, if you guys were to consider this game, try to consider as one where you could play with your friends instead of against strangers on the internets.

The other complaint I had is quite a minor one, the game has a lot of slide inputs to activate certain special skills. This represents a problem to a pure PC player if he does not own a controller or a fight stick. I played SkullGirls with mouse and keyboard and using special skills seems to be up to luck. Most of that is my fault but seeing as I don’t want to admit that, I am going to lay the blame on the control system

How does this compare to one of the latest movies?

Blade Runner 2049 is a movie where one Officer K, a new blade runner for the Los Angeles Police Department, uncovers a long-buried secret that is potentially able to plunge what is left of society into chaos. With his discovery, K decides to go on a quest in search of a former blade runner who has been missing for 30 years, Rick Deckard. (To be honest i dont know what blade runner is and I just took their description for their movie.) This movie runs for 2 hours and 43 minutes. A ticket would cost you 13 dollars. That would mean that this movie’s Value (Dollars per hour) is about 4.7 DpH. In comparison with SkullGirls, SkullGirls costs 10.50 Dollars. Assuming you get 6 hours of amusement out of the game then you would get a value of 1.75 DpH. As the DpH of SkullGirls is far lower than that of BladeRunner 2049, SkullGirls is a far better value proposition!