Saturday Suggestions

Last week, I missed the Saturday Suggestion. However, this week I come with the Saturday Suggestion! It’s a cute little game and it is both available on mobile and PC. I played it on PC and it is really fun. It is called:

Game: Guild of Dungeoneering

Price on steam

Basic: $15

I have played this game for 19 hours so far and I have not completed it yet. I feel like im at the 50% mark but I’m not sure. The game seems to be split into multiple acts. Clearing an act will unlock the next area and you can farm the previous act’s bosses if you wish to. I have done 2 acts so far and assuming that there is 4 acts, this game’s run time is roughly 38 hours


Immediately, the first great thing you would notice about Guild of Dungeoneering is the narrator. He sings cute little limericks about your dungeoneers. Here is a small excerpt:

This is the guild of Dungeoneering

On our quest were never veering

Oh, to be a dungeoneer

Swimming in pools of gold


This is the guild of Dungeoneering

All the monsters keep appearing

Oh, to be a dungeoneer

Whose stories will be told


What’s that sound I hear a noise!?

Something’s coming girls and boys

Run for the hills and far away

Were the guild of Dungoneering


Curse and swear but don’t despair

The way out of here must be over there

I think we’re lost but what do we care

We’re the guild of Dungeoneering

The second thing I like about the game is the gameplay. It is a top down dungeon crawler. However, you are not in control of the Dungeoneer’s movements. You have to build a path for him out of 5 randomly drawn cards at the start and litter his path with increasingly powerful monsters for him to power up on. As you gather items, you will gain the abilities on the item. For example, a cup of coffee will grant you a level 1 fire. That will give you a flame blast card that does 2 magical damage. Each time you get a fire level you get a different card, up to level 4. The final level has really powerful cards. Thus, as you raid the dungeon, you are also crafting your character and getting him ready to take out that dungeon’s boss.

Speaking of combat, that’s the other enjoyable thing in the Guild of Dungeoneering. When you pick a character, you get a deck of cards with relevant names as to what they do. As you grab items, you get the card relevant to the skill tied to that item. Armor gives you blocking cards, crush gives you physical damage and fire gives you magical damage. There are a bunch of different items in the game with different rarity and levels that grant different skills. It feels really good when you have a really strong character to take on the boss.


One thing that I quite dislike about the Guild of Dungeoneering is the random 5 cards at the start of a turn. That can be a map card, an enemy card or a treasure card. Map cards will create the map for your dungeoneer to move, enemy cards will spawn enemies and treasure cards will be your method to guide your dungeoneer. The biggest problem with this system is the fact that some bosses has a time limit and if you don’t hit it, you die instantly. If the tiles that you get does not let you reach the boss in time, tough luck.

The other thing that I did not like was the starting of the game. In the Guild of Dungeoneering, if the enemies of the game are too tough, you can farm the previous bosses for some gold to expand your guild. However, in the start of the game, when you clear a dungeon, you can’t run it again. That’s why at the start of the game, if you find yourself too weak to handle the bosses, you have no recourse but to keep doing it and hope you win. Once the first act is over the problem is over so it’s not too bad.

How does this compare to one of the latest movies?

Ah Boys to Men 4

Ah Boys to Men 4 is a movie about a bunch of Singaporeans and how they deal with being conscripted in to National Service. This movie has a runtime of 2 hours and 13 minutes for the standard price of 13 dollars. That places this movie’s DhP at 5.866. I have played Guild of Dungeoneering for roughly 19 hours at the price of 15 dollars. That gives it a DhP of 0.78 which is an extremely favorable DhP compared to Thor’s DhP of 5.866. While both movie and game is about poor unfortunate people getting conscripted, Guild of Dungeoneering is clearly better in terms of DpH.