M1 and StarHub Now Provides Unlimited Data Bundles for less than $100!


Good News for Data-Hungry Users – on 30th August 2017, M1 and StarHub announced their unlimited data plans.​


​Here is M1’s third generation of SIM-only plans:



Price (monthly)Data with 12 Months ContractData without Contact
mySIM3 20$205GB2GB
mySIM3 40$4015GB10GB
mySIM3 50$5030GB15GB
mySIM3 98$98UNLIMITED Data25GB

All mySIM3 plans comes with 100 minutes of talktime and 100 SMS/MMSes. Top up an additional $15 for unlimited talktime.

By signing up for mySIM3 $98 on a 12-months contract, you get unlimited data. Without a contract, the same plan will give you only 25GB worth of data.

On the other side of the spectrum, mySIM3 $20 provides 5GB of data with a 12-months contract, and 2GB without the contract.

Sign up starts tomorrow (31st August). Users who sign up before 2nd September (Saturday) get FREE UNLIMITED TALKTIME for 1 year.


​StarHub on the other hand provides unlimited data on the weekends on its 5 new plans, starting at $24:

Data PlansPrice (monthly)Price (monthly, with 2 year contract and subsidised mobile phone)DataLocal Talktime
XS$24$483GB200 mins
S$34$684GB400 mins

XS/S/M/L plans charges 5.35 cents per SMS. The XL plan comes with unlimited local SMSes.
Optional Add-ons:

  • DataJump – Add 5GB/10GB/15GB/20GB of data at $10/month to S/M/L/XL plans
  • DataShare – Allocate data for sharing with other mobile plans in the same billing account at a promotional rate of $2.14/month
  • SharePlus – Add up to two supplementary lines at a promotional rate of $9.63/line/month

​Should I pick M1 or StarHub?

All this depends on you, and your data usage habits.

  • If you find yourself happy with 3GB or 4GB of data  per month, stay where you are!
  • If you need more than 4GB of data, you can consider StarHub’s XS/S/M plans, with unlimited data every weekend.
  • If you find that your current 10GB or 12GB data plan is insufficient, you can consider StarHub’s L or XL plans, or M1’s mySIM3 $40 or $50.

Of course, you know yourself best. If you are unsure whether you need an upgrade, or which plan to take, head down to your nearest M1 or StarHub tomorrow to find out more.

​Which is more worth it?

At first glance, M1 seems like it’s the better option.

Let’s compare M1’s 12-months contract and StarHub’s SIM-only plans. M1 allows unlimited data for only $98, whereas the most expensive StarHub plan at $119 only gives you 15GB, with unlimited data during the weekends.

StarHub is also smart on its local text messages as barely anyone uses SMSes these days. So paying per use for SMSes at only 5.35 cents isn’t really that bad. Plus, chances are you won’t be using them at all.However, note that StarHub is a lot more generous on its talktime. At $24, you get 200 minutes of talktime. Pay anything more than $44, you get unlimited talktime! ​

So ask yourself: What do you need? Do you need to make a lot of calls? Or do you just need data? From what I see, StarHub is more inclined towards working adults, where you don’t need much data during the weekdays, and you need to make a lot of calls. M1 on the other hand is more for students, where you just need data wherever you go.

​But wait!

Here’s a little bit more about my personal usage. I am currently paying $28.85 per month to SingTel for the G Lite 12GB data, 100 minutes of talktime and 100 SMS/MMSes. If I do exceed my monthly 12GB, the bill is capped at $69.40.

That means I get UNLIMITED DATA, with 100 minutes of talktime and SMS/MMSes for $69.40!

The catch is this: it’s an old plan way before the release of 4G LTE networks, which means I am still on 3G. But to be honest, it makes almost no difference. So if you are also on SingTel’s G Lite 12GB plan @ $28.85, don’t upgrade!


What about the 20GB for $20 deal?

There has been a big misconception about this everywhere – among my friends and family too. Most understand that you simply pay $20 for 20GB of data. But that’s not the case.

The basic plan is $28 for 6GB of data. You top up additional $20 for 20GB, so that means it’s actually $48 for 26GB of data. 

Well, here’s a comparison chart with M1:

TelcoPriceDataPrice for 1GB
Circles.Life$4826GB$1.85 per 1GB
M1’s mySIM3 40$4015GB$2.60 per 1GB
M1’s mySIM3 50$5030GB$1.67 per 1GB

We are unable to compare Circles.Life with Starhub’s 5 new plans as it provides unlimited data for the weekends.

Did I forgot to mention that Circles.Life does not come with 100 SMS/MMSes? That being said, M1’s mySIM3 $50 looks a lot more delicious than Circles.Life “$20 for 20GB”.

​Do you really need so much data?

It all depends on lifestyle. For myself, I consider my 12GB of data to be absurdly little. I mean, you stream 8 episodes of The Defenders on Netflix outside one day, and 7GB of your data is gone already!

Who ask you to stream outside?! You stupid ah?!

There was once I had guard duty back in army… You know, soldiers get bored. I streamed season 2 of The Legend of Korra. Guess what, I had no data left for the month.

So yeah, I would eventually get 4G LTE data with at least 30GB or 50GB, because I am someone who watches YouTube on the go, downloads app outside without Wi-Fi (those over 400mb), downloads and watches WhatsApp/Instagram/9GAG videos.

So once again, ask yourself whether you need those data or not. Once you’ve experienced the freedom of large amounts of data, it’ll be very hard to go back! You’ve been warned!