The following products/gadgets are owned by Local Singapore Homegrown companies. They are most likely designed in our sunny red dot, but maybe manufactured upland.

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1. Rollei Camera 35 S and Akira 16″ Velocity Fan

Rollei 35 Camera and Akira Velocity Fan

Rollei was founded in Germany in 1920, but soon moved to Singapore to in 1970 to create jobs and build cameras. Akira on the other hand, I’m sure you have seen one before. Yes, it is by a Singapore company! Well, these two products are not related at all. The Rollei 35 S camera is pretty hard to come by, whereas the 16″ Akira fan is much more common.

2. Razer Chroma Keyboard and OSIM uStiletto

Razer Chroma and OSIM uStiletto

Razer, internationally known. OSIM, also internationally known. The Chroma Keyboard lets you type with rainbows, while the uStiletto lets “classy and stylish” women rest their feet. Why so sexist!? Chances are, if you own a Razer Chroma keyboard, you probably wouldn’t have a uStiletto.

3. iNo Scout 3 and Buccaneer 3D Printer

iNo Scout 3 and Buccaneer 3D Printer

Remember the phone for elderly by iNO, the one with only a dial pad and home screen? iNo also manufactures other types of phones, including this Scout 3 for heavy outdoors activity. Buccaneer, another local company manufactures 3D printers. These two products look nothing alike and serve totally different purposes.

4. DP Electronics ASnap Ring Light and X-Mini Kai X3

DP Electronics ASnap Light Ring and X-Mini Kai X3

On the left we have the ASnap Ring Light by DP Electronics, a clip-on light to attach to your phone for better selfies. On the right, we have the X-Mini Kai X3, for eargasms. With these two products, you can take great selfies while listening to music! The Kai X3 comes in only with one colour, whereas the ASnap Right Light comes in two colours!

5.  Trek 2000 Thumbdrive and Hyflux Water Filter

Did you know, that the THUMBDRIVE was invented and patented by a Singaporean company? Trek 2000 holds the patent for one of the most used pieces of electronic worldwide today! Next, we have the Hyflux water filter. Great if you need alkaline water! Don’t mix these two up because if you do, things probably wouldn’t look good.