(Faster Than Light) Saturday Suggestions

Saturday Suggestions

Saturday Suggestions

This Thursday, my brother and I went to watch the new Marvel movie. You probably know of it already, probably watched it even, but the movie is Thor: Ragnarok. It was a great movie with many varied characters. My favourite there was a rockman called Korg. Not going to spoil anything but that rockman reminded me of this little game called:

Game: Faster Than Light (FTL)

Price on steam

Basic: $10.50

I have played this game for 28 hours so far. Even so, I have barely scratched the surface on what the game had to offer. There are many hidden quests and many hidden interactions that you have to accomplish in order to experience the full scope of the game.


Right off the bat, the first thing you will notice is the sheer customizability you get before you even start a game. There are 10 different ships each with 3 sub types bringing the total number of ships to 30! What’s more there are a vast number of differences between the ships. There’s the humble Kestral with its jack of all trades start, a stealth ship that has little to no defences. A lonely mechanical being in his own ship to the mighty federation cruiser with its gigantic artillery cannon. All of them requires you to play very differently at the start. Your playstyle can then be altered in the middle of the game by the choices you can make.

The Aesthetics of FTL is also great with its minimalist art style. It conveys what it needs to really well and when you see your ship verses another, you truly feel like you are in space. The many species in the game also stand out visually from each other, there is the quintessential humans, to the aforementioned rockman to even a bunch of anthropomorphic lump of nanobots.  The music is also amazing. I am not sure how to describe it but all I can say is that I like it a lot.

Another great thing about FTL is the way it makes you attached to your characters. You can name them to people that you know and assign them jobs in the ship to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Once they do their job enough they will get better at it. Once this happens their performance at the given task will be greatly boosted. Weapons ready faster, repairs complete at a rapid pace and your captain will be able to execute dodges better.


The main con of FTL is the completely random calls that you might have to make. Giant alien spiders in someone else’s ship? You can choose to try to clear it out for a reward or leave it alone and waste your time. If you try to clear it out, the game rolls a dice and if you win you get a bit of currency, if you lose a random ship mate will perish. Those characters that you are attached to? Poof, gone. Such random events sometimes grinds my gears and who knows, it might just happen to you.

FTL’s difficult nature is also a downside in my book. The game is too hard! I only play FTL on easy mode as on normal and above, the game feels way too punishing and unrewarding. Harder enemy generation and less rewards for taking out the harder enemies. Cool stuff that you can get becomes unattainable. That cloning bay that looks really cool? Nope. How about that cloaking device that renders you invisible? Impossible. Even the mind control module is too expensive! Most of your funds in normal and above would go to keeping your ship healthy and with enough gas to keep moving. Running out of fuel in space would be unpleasant so topping up frequently is important!

How does this compare to one of the latest movies?

Thor: Ragnerok

Thor: Ragnerok is a movie about the titular Thor making new enemies and meeting old friends. The scale of action in this movie is epic with heroes from other movies in the MCU turning up to aid Thor’s quest. Thor: Ragnerok has a runtime of 2 hours and 10 minutes for the standard price of 13 dollars. That places this movie’s DhP at 6.02. I have played Faster Than Light for roughly 28 hours at the price of 10.5 dollars. That gives it a DhP of 0.37 which is an extremely favorable DhP compared to Thor’s DhP of 7.15. While the movie has a lot more action where they flail around in space, Faster Than Light is space opera that could capture your imagination for many days to come.