DataTrading pre-sale, which started on November 20 and was running until November 30, already became a new story of success on the ICO market — it received almost 1 000 000 USD of funds!

DataTrading is a company of a new generation that developed a platform for trade forecasting, entirely based on Artificial Intelligence. Each trader can now join the community that is changing the history of trading by As soon as DataTrading 1.0 will be launched, DataTrading tokens will give its owner an opportunity to actively use the platform, subscribe or purchase analytical tools, sell or buy models for trade forecasting.

Besides the pre-sale, which attracted  participants from different parts of the world and gathered around 1 000 000 USD in total, DataTrading plans to run 2 rounds of token sale:

round A, for the eastern region 12.18.2017–01.08.2018;
round B, for the western region 02.01.2018–02.22.2018.

“Token sale for us is not only a way to raise funds, but also an opportunity to gather the audience of our users and to form a community of system participants that will push us to create the product the highest quality for the market of traders, and we will definitely do it!” — Anton Vokrug, CEO of DataTrading.

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It is never late to join the community, that changes the future!

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