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Saturday Suggestions

Last week, I mentioned that Zack and I went to a Gamestart preview event. It was showcasing Singaporean games. There were so many games ranging from board games to mobile games. We played a game where you play DJ max style rhythm game, but you are a songbird. There was another game where you could only see using sounds, but the enemy will hear the sounds that you created as well. Actually, just read all about it here: . Among them was a really special game, a game that I had a really great time with and wished to play even more of. The lovely people at The Gentlebros have been too kind to provide us steam codes so I could try it out at its fullest! This game is called:

Game: Cat Quest

Price on steam

Basic: $13.00

This game has a runtime of about 7 hours. To be honest, because the game felt so varied and interesting, it truly felt a lot longer than that. I no lifed it for about 2 days and felt that I have experienced most of what the game had to offer.


The meat and potatoes of Cat Quest is the combat. Every quest in the game is either a kill quest or a fetch quest. As running around really does not require much mechanics, the main thing you would be doing is whacking stuff. Therefore, it is a good thing that whacking stuff in this game is so fun. Each fight with an enemy would result in you learning its patterns as it attacks, coming at it from an angle/timing where it cannot fight back and beating the snot out of it until it dies. As this system is extremely mechanically orientated, it allows the player to hit above his weight class. I have fought enemies more than 10 levels above me just by utilizing tactics.

Another great thing about Cat Quest is the variety of armor in the game. You could look like any character archetype that there is to find in a fantasy setting. From a valiant warrior to a sneaky ninja to even a fragile mage. There are so many armors to find that even after I had finished to story, I had only managed to find 62 of the game’s 66 armor pieces.

The lore behind Cat Quest is a truly intriguing one. Many hints to it can be found in the game’s open world. There are many avenues that the team can explore in the future. (if they are so inclined) From the Old Master at the end of the main campaign to the dogs from the lupus kingdom. There are many story lines among the current quests that could be explored as well. The origins of Spirry to maybe just even about what happens next at the Queen’s resort. The future of Cat Quest is an exciting one.


A downside to Cat Quest lies in how the armor system was implemented. You cannot choose your character’s progression. Whenever you encounter a chest, the rewards in it is random. That’s not too bad, but when you get a duplicate, it will power up the equipment’s level and stats. While that might seem benign and innocent. It is actually quite frustrating to someone who might have a goal in mind. I wanted to play as a tanky paladin, however I kept rolling equipment that reduced my attack and health to boost my magic. That felt bad as I could not play in the style that I wanted to play as. I found a shop in the game and I thought that I could upgrade the armor that I wanted there but no such luck. All the shop was selling was even more chest with random rewards. The system felt so similar to Overwatch’s loot boxes that I felt bad buying them. Even with virtual currency.

Another downside that I could think for Cat Quest is also tied to the loot. Most of the loot you find is completely trash. Most of the loot with downsides are really pointless as the boost they provide is really not comparable to other gear which boosts similar stats but with no downsides. There are also these golden chests that you can open in the late game with far stronger loot inside of them. What this means is that the loot the you have been leveling up and upgrading suddenly becomes completely useless. As part of the main story line, the game gives you an extremely powerful sword. Until now I have not been able to find a comparable sword, making all the swords that I find in chests a complete waste of time.

The last downside that I could think of is in how the game handles its economy. Enemies typically drop single digits for gold. A crappy chest in the shop costs 50 gold where the really cool chest costs 5000 gold. Spells are upgraded by gold as well. It starts at 50 to unlock a spell to 1000+ gold for each upgrade. As the costs in this game is so high, picking up gold starts to feel utterly pointless. Quests end up being the main way to earn gold. However, there is a very finite amount of quests in the game. I have already cleared all the dungeons and all the side quests that Cat Quest had to offer and I still found that I needed more gold. Of the 4 spells that I used on a regular basis, I managed to upgrade 3 to the max level. Most of my gear was not maxed out and some were even still missing. The main point that I want to make here is that all completionists out there are going to have a BAD time.

How does this compare to one of the latest movies?


Geostorm is a movie where in the near future, climate change got so bad that the human race was almost wiped of the face of the earth. Only the creation of a network of satellites with weather control functionality managed to bring earth back from the brink. Now it has been compromised that an estranged pair of brothers have to resolve the issue. Geostorm has a runtime of 1 hour and 49 minutes for the standard price of 13 dollars. That places this movie’s DhP at 7.15. Cat Quest have a playtime of roughly 7 hours at the price of 13 dollars. That gives it a DhP of 1.8 which is an extremely favorable DhP compared to Geostorm’s DhP of 7.15. That is a clear sign that Cat Quest is far more worth it when compared to a movie!