9 Singaporean Games At Gamestart That You Should Keep An Eye Out For

Gamestart 2017 is just around the corner and many people are really excited for it. I just came from a preview event to show off what Singapore has to offer for Gamestart and boy am I blown away!  There will be many games to preview and check out. Not just PC or console games, but even mobile and table top games! Singapore’s gaming industry is still fledging but there are many promising games already showing up in the market. Therefore, in support of Singapore by this Singaporean, here are:

Cat Quest

Cat Quest is a delightful top down isometric title featuring a Dragonblood cat. From running to swinging his sword to even taking naps, the cat’s animations are extremely adorable. The gameplay is no slouch either! The combat is fluid and dynamic with its action based system. This system even rewards skill greatly. During the preview I felt that doing the main story line first was kind of passé and wandered off the beaten path. I found a cave that was twice my level. However, as the game is action based and skill orientated, I cleared the cave with some decent challenge and got the rewards within. This kind of exploration is great and I can safely say that I greatly enjoyed my time with this game!

Songbird Symphony

Songbird Symphony is an enchantingly cute title featuring a bird called Birb. The art style is this sort of high definition pixel art style that I find fascinating. It is well animated as well. It has 2D platforming elements but from what I can tell, the game is mainly about the music portion. The titular songbird will sing along the songs in the game in time with your button presses ala DJ max style. From what I experienced so far, I am really interested to see what other wacky birds that will show up and what other songs that they will sing. Definitely one to look out for!

Dusty Raging Fist

Dusty Raging Fist is a stylish 2D brawler. There are so many interesting things that is in this game that I don’t even know where to begin! From sniper/artillery support to vehicular sections to even combat style switching! There are 3 characters in the game each with their own unique styles. While playing the game they will unlock 3 common styles that will help you with the platforming. The first style is used when you encounter water. You use the Ice style to freeze the water so you can create platforms. With so many systems under its belt synergising in such an interesting manner, you would be remiss if you missed this!


Avertigo is an incredibly ambitious board game with an incredibly interesting premise. The game is set in an alt history South China Sea. The people of this world has discovered a method of flight and made flying ships. The board game reflects this as there is a height mechanic where you can raise or lower your ship. Guns can shoot up or shoot down and swooping or diving will make you go faster at the cost of health. This game might sound complicated but once you sit down to play it, it is really quite intuitive. While the developers were definitely going easy on me, I felt that I had a really good time in the few minutes that we spent skirmishing together. There will be a tournament at Gamestart and the 1st and 2nd place will win cash money so why not drop by and test your skill and strategy?

Potato Pirates

Potato Pirates is quite unique in this list as it is not a game that was made solely for fun. This game is actually an educational game that aims to teach both young and old the ability to program. When you get the game, you actually buy their curriculum as well. The game by itself though is already pretty good fun. You use programming logic to “program” your ship ahead of time on how to attack the enemy with cards. The all enemies on the table will see this happening and can prepare their defences accordingly by countering the logic you have imputed. The game is the complete opposite of Vertigo as while Vertigo is incredibly intimidating, it is actually quite intuitive. Potatoes Pirates on the other hand looks incredibly simplistic. However, as it is using computer logic for its attacks, is quite foreign to newcomers and an experienced player will probably destroy anyone new to the game basically instantly. I suggest you guys drop by to get wrecked and learn a couple lessons in programming!


Noiro is an atmospheric puzzler on the mobile. It has a very whimsical art style. The puzzle aspect is quite interesting as well. What you do is you trace the movement of where your character is supposed to go, hit play and the character will immediately run down along it’s preordained path. They added a bunch of mechanics later on to keep things fresh such as buttons on the floor to moving orbs of death that you will have to plan around. Based on what I have seen, this game seems interesting enough for a closer look.

Monster Chronicle


This is what happened when someone asked, how can we weaponise Tic-Tac-Toe? Monster Chronicle is the result. You build an army with monsters and you battle with others in a Tic-Tac-Toe battle field. Creating your units in a line will chain them to create a devastating attack that will sweep across the battlefield. This powerful move cannot repeat the line that you used it in in that battle. It is a fun little game where you can “Gacha” new units and build your perfect army and play with your friends.

Battlesky Brigade

Battlesky Brigade is another mobile game that we saw there. It is basically a Clash of Clan with a few major differences. The base is no longer centralised. It is now 7 Hexagons which your enemy can select one of which to ransack. Units that you have trained will wander the hexagon until call for battle, or if an enemy were to attack the hexagon which it lives in. Friends that you create will have their hexagon attached to yours for an even more social experience. As this is a freemium game, I have inquired about its monetisation and it seems to be relatively harmless with time speed ups and a “Gacha” that you can roll for that chance of a rare drop.


Stifled is a PS4 and PSVR game that I did not enjoy. It is a horror titles and we all know I’m bad with those. It was extremely stressful as I could not see anything. The only way you could see is if you were to make a noise. The soundwaves that the noise would generate will outline the world for you to navigate. In the middle of me trying to find my way around however, I was met with a piercing scream. Every time I made a noise it would sound off. Unnerved, I stayed quiet. However, that meant that I was blind for the entire time I stayed silent. Terrified, I slowly crept away. The fact that you and the monster of the game seems to share the same senses was the aspect that I found the most interesting about the preview. If you want to see where the monster is, you have to let the monster see you as well. That was one experience that I would not be eager to repeat but who knows, if horror is your thing, you would probably get a kick out of this one.

In conclusion, there is a wide variety of genres of Singaporean games at Gamestart. If you are heading to Gamestart, why not drop by these game’s booth’s and show your support? The guys I met today were incredibly friendly and seem to be very passionate about what they do.  If one game does not tickle your pickle, there are many others that just might. Please go and give them a try as there is truly have a ton of fun to be had!